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40mm @ £14/m2   

This 40mm grass is one of the best sellers from our range of Artificial Grass. This fake grass is designed to give a lush soft feel.Stella: Product Features

UV stabilised
Pet Friendly
Total Weight: Approx 2300GSM +/- 10%
Thickness = 40mm
Drainage Holes: Yes
No Sand Fill Required.

Tuda Grass Direct Artificial Grass

UV Protection

All of our ranges of artificial grasses have fantastic UV protection - they don't fade in sunlight and stay lush green all year round.

UV Protected Artificial Grass

High Quality Backing

This grass benefits from quality backing which is essential to the durability and long-term appearance of your artificial grass.

Top Quality Artificial Grass

Pet Friendly

Our artificial lawns are ideal for all pets. Our fake grass is easily cleaned using a garden hose or even a good downpour will do the trick.

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Looks Great All Seasons

With its all year round consistent appearance our quality artificial grass will look as great in the bright, warm summer as it will in the cold winter.

Multi Purpose Artificial Grass

No More Watering

Our domestic water has never been so expensive. You'll be able to save those precious pennies though as our artificial grass never needs watering.

No Watering Artificial Grass

Child Friendly

Our soft, lead free artificial grass is perfect for your precious little ones to enjoy just as much as you will.

Child Friendly Artificial Grass

Natural Looking

Our artificial grass looks and feels every bit as great as the real thing but comes with all of the other associated benefits of artificial turf. A win-win for you.

Natural Looking Artificial Grass

No More Muddy Footprints

Tired of mopping the floor or cleaning the carpet as a result of muddy foot prints? Eliminate this problem forever with our Artificial Grass.

Clean Artificial Grass

No More Mowing

Once installed our Artificial Grass will never need mowing saving you time, money and hours of back breaking labour every few weeks.

No More Mowing Lawns

Quality European Manufacturing

Our Grass is sourced from industry leading manufacturers in Belgium & The Netherlands who use state of the art machines and production techniques.

European Manufactured Artificial Grass

Easy To Install

Our artificial grass is simple to cut and install yourself, allowing you to save even more whilst still ensuring perfect results.

Easy To Install Artificial Grass

Huge UK Stocks

With over £1/2m of UK stock and a fleet of our own delivery vehicles you can be assured of receiving your order in no time at all.

Artificial Grass in the UK
Don't forget your finishing touches
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Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 40 cm

2m, 4m


Sample, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m, 6.5m, 7m, 7.5m, 8m, 8.5m, 9m, 9.5m, 10m, 10.5m, 11m, 11.5m, 12m, 13m, 14m, 15m, 16m, 17m, 18m, 19m, 20m

I never believe reviews to be honest so it was handy to be able to request free samples which were received quickly. I chose Stella as it was thick but soft. Received my delivery inside 48hrs despite us living in Cornwall so we normally expect large things to take a bit longer. Grass looks great and feels great. Not been this happy with our garden in years.
Meryl Tritter
2016-05-08 08:35:46
My wife has been asking for me to install fake grass in our garden for the last few years as she is sick of the carpets getting mud on from the dogs paws. I finally relinquished and am glad we did. The grass looks good, my carpets look better too!
Roland Jennings
2016-06-19 11:34:02
I took samples of all of Tuda Grass's 40mm grasses and decided this was the best one for me. It is a nice, natural looking green with a brown infill and looks really natural. It is quite dense which is great as on some of the really cheap ones you can see the backing but that is not an issue with this grass.
Mr Fershaw
2016-06-19 22:59:54
Was pretty easy to fit and has improved the look of my garden 5 times over. This grass is heavy so you will need help if you get a big roll and are fitting it yourself. The delivery driver helped me put it in my back garden on the day of delivery.
2016-08-07 13:43:24
Bought this grass for a function just as a large mat. Was perfect for the job. Sold it on ebay later for someone who wanted fake grass for their garden and got most of my money back.
Eric Smythe
2016-11-06 13:13:27
Laid it easily on my mums balcony. Excellent value. Has been down a couple of months now and still looks great.
sarah mcgregory
2016-11-11 18:59:08
These guys and their artificial grass are both great. I have a huge garden which as i have got older has become more difficult to maintain. This was fitted over the weekend, looks perfect and will never need any time or effort putting into it again. Delighted, should have changed years ago.
Dennis Bertrand
2016-11-22 16:02:41
Best looking artificial grass on the market today (I fit artificial grass as my job).
Alan Dennis
2016-11-29 16:01:17
Just a brilliant product. I must have taken samples from 6 different companies, these samples were every bit as good as samples at nearly double the price. My installer commented on how good the grass was and how reasonable the price was so he may also be buying his fake grass from these guys in future.
Mr Verhuis
2016-12-02 02:35:58
Ordered this astro turf for my son when he was rennovating his garden - it's a great product really thick and looks fantastic now it's laid!
Moira Stirrup
2016-12-02 14:06:20
I bought this grass after reading the reviews and didn't bother with a sample. All I can say is buy it it's a really nice colour and so soft to touch whole family loves it including the dogs
2020-05-07 16:32:28
After reading reviews we purchased this grass and weren’t disappointed. The grass is a lovely colour, very thick and very soft to the touch. We are very pleased, as our our dogs. We have this now in our front and back garden and it looks great.
Alan elder
2021-07-04 17:28:57

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