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Now is a good time of year to install artificial grass. Its past the summer and you can bag a bargain during the quieter season.

We are here to help, here we provide guidance to help you decide what you want, how much it will cost, and who you want to install it.

Having been in business for 26 years, we have have build our brand with the support of reliable and independent local contractors. Who enjoy working with us because for our great products and service, and our customer enjoy many years of joy with their new garden.


Online Install Quote

For those who just want a professional installer to visit your home, talk you though your options, measure up, and provide a quote, jump straight to artificial grass install quote


Basics of artificial grass

Laying artificial grass the hardest thing in the world but it does help to have a professional installer so you get things right. Done well artificial grass will create a beautiful space that you, your family, and pets can enjoy for many years to come. Depending on your choice our grass they come with up to 20 years warranty. They are pet friendly and require minimal maintenance to keep them looking great.

Artificial grass will be delivered as a role and its a bit like laying a carpet. We can cut to the nearest meter you need so you have very minimal waste. With some minimal preparation to the surface, it can be unrolled and secured down. It is easy to trim to the shape of your garden. Depending on the size you may need to join two lengths, this is quite normal.

Artificial grass can be laid outdoors or indoors, on hard surfaces like concrete and paving slabs, or soft surfaces like soil. There are drainage holes for water to deal with rain. For hard surfaces you can optionally choose an underlay, to soften where a falls may be of concern, this may be for children or the older generation.


What differences to look for

Most people look to the pile height or how tall the grass is. This is probably more of a guide and not directly that important. The main differences are

  • Pile Height (The height of each blade of grass)
  • Density (How many blades of grass are squashed in)
  • Physical Weight (This is more of a guide to density, the actual weight is not very important)
  • Colour (It depends on your preference, darker is more normal)
  • Brown thatch (Manufactures put brown curly bits if dead looking grass in, to make it more like the real thing, you don’t want it too perfect)
  • Yarn shape (The blades of grass can either be curly or flat, short grasses are usually curly to give a flatter even surface)
  • Blade thickness (Do you want fine blades of grass or wide blades)
  • Springness (A measure of how spongy it is. As the density goes up it usually gets more springy as there is more blades of grass there)


Example costs

Every installation is totally different many factors affect the installation price, for example the location, surface, shape, preparation work. We are unable to give you a simple figure, but we can do an example for a fairly straight forward installation and a price range to be expected.

To give you slightly more tailored advice we need you to decide on Location. Will it be on a hard surface like concrete or a soft surface like soil. If the ground is rubble or very uneven it will need making reasonably flat first which may cost you extra. And on hard surfaces if you want underlay.

You also need a quick estimate of the size, if you need help use our guide calculating your garden size.

Hard surfaces

  • Artificial grass £5-£40 /m2
  • Fixing adhesive £2-£3 /m2
  • Underlay £18-£30 /m2
  • Installation Labour £20-£50 /m2

Soft surfaces

  • Artificial grass £5-£40 /m2
  • Sharp Sand £2-£3 /m2
  • Fixings £1-£2 /m2
  • Installation Labour £30-£70 /m2


Free Samples

You can have a free sample of any grass product we sell here, but we have provided some recommended products below that may be of interest. All our independent local installers have a sample of every product we sell, if you wish to browse the range you can arrange a home visit with one of them, or visit our premise at Units 46/47 Stakehill Trading Estate, Touchet Hall Road, Middleton, M24 2FL.


Recommended Products

We do have a complete list of artificial grass we sell here. But to make it easier we have provided a selection of great value products, that would be ideal for most gardens depending on your personal taste.



Online Installation Quote

Now you have an idea of what you want, and where your are putting your new lawn. Do an online grass installation quote to see the independent installation contractors we work with in your area. You can read about the company’s, their reviews and compare prices where published.