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Artificial Grass in Oxford

Our fake grass is available for free next day delivery in all of the boroughs of Oxford such as Kennington & Wheatley.

Our friendly team can give you a quote for astro turf for your garden in Oxford . Simply call our office on 0161 633 0290 or fill in the contact form below for great customer service.

There are many plusses to installing fake grass, these include:

Saving on the cost of lawn mowers, fuel, aeration, fertilizers, weed control, and sprinkler systems (or even just a basic sprinkler system & hoses),
together with water bills, can add up to hundreds of pounds a year, not even accounting for the countless hours of lost free time during the warm months of the year.

Maintaining a lush green natural lawn for 12 months of the year is hard work and takes a lot of time, time you could be investing better elsewhere.

Here in the UK with our weather we are only usally affected by snow for around 2 months of the year, leaving anywhere from 7-10 months of the year where
we are forced to look at a dull, dirty brown yard.

With synthetic grass you will have a perfect lawn 12 months of the year.

All of our grass is perfectly suitable for animals. If you are a dog owner you will know just how hard, if not impossible, it is to maintain a nice garden.

With fake grass, pet waste will not discolor or kill the grass, so your yard always looks perfect.

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