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Artificial Grass in Edinburgh

Our fake grass is available for free next day delivery in all of the boroughs of Edinburgh.

Our friendly team can give you a quote for astro turf for your garden in Edinburgh . Simply call our office on 0161 633 0290 or fill in the contact form below for great customer service.

Not having to water your lawn is a huge benefit in the hot summer months, especially if there is a water shortage.

In addition to not having to water, not mowing the lawn is a huge plus as well. In this day and age with such busy lives – who has the time?

If time is money, then maintening a traditional garden has a great cost so installing a maintenance free fake lawn is a great investment.

Although fresh grass has a lovely nice smell, collecting and dealing with the cut grass can be a hassle, and may even require rubbish bags in some cases.

Avoiding all of the plastic and fuel that goes into cutting grass can be a very environmentally friendly way to enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round.

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